Dave Ellett - Director/Operations Manager

Working in the drainage industry since 2010, Dave has extensive expertise in flushing, CCTV operation, staff training and project management. His enthusiasm and focus on customer outcomes means he is always progressing the team to provide a high quality of service and results-oriented deliverables.

Having spent years in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer, Dave knows that templated or ‘one size fits all’ solutions don’t work in any line of work. Exceptional service and client satisfaction come from properly assessing problems, scoping requirements, reviewing multiple approaches, and anticipating future needs. Clients like the fact that Dave often sees things with a fresh perspective and provides a flexible approach to problem resolution.

Having seen what great service looks like in other industries, Dave helps to make Pipe Vision a customer-focussed organisation committed to client success.

Dave has completed courses with the New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership (NZIM), including “Introduction to Management” and “Four Quadrant Leadership”.