CCTV Pipeline Inspections

Often needed to detect faults, locate obstructions, determine connectivity and sources, and analyse ovality, capacity and pipe condition.

CCTV Pipeline Inspections

Pipe Vision uses the latest CCTV technology available, including iPEK crawlers, cameras, and Rovion systems for pipeline inspection. The picture quality and ease of use is second-to-none with very few companies using this technology. In our opinion, no other system or company is able to supply a better level of deliverable quality.

CCTV Technology

WinCan8 is the technology we use to code surveys, which is well received by our clients. Wincan Viewer is available from a remote desktop application and brings your surveys straight to your device within hours of the survey taking place. We keep all of our client history and you are able to access any lines that we have surveyed at any time. This new way of presenting data enables clients to manage their networks and have the information in a readily available and timely manner.

We have also used CleanFlow for many years, and are still able to provide surveys from this if required.
Quite simply, you can view your information anywhere, anytime. Our extensive archiving consists of all of our job footage from day one, making it easy for clients and councils to view old job site information when needed.

CCTV Council Consent

CCTV footage is often required by council for Build Over projects, where you may be building or renovating on property where sewers, storm water drains or other council assets lie underneath the area of work.

Our team is experienced working with councils and consent processes, and can help with the different stages of preinspection, build over, then post-construction/post-build inspection.

Why use us?

Pipe Vision has employed some of the most experienced CCTV operators with proven track records in order to become the best inspection company in the industry. Our staff have captured on CCTV hundreds of kilometres of mainline trunk sewers throughout New Zealand, including boat works and laser profiling.

We are the preferred supplier for CCTV and cleaning services for a number of construction clients currently operating in a number of subdivisions in Auckland. We also produce all of the final CCTV inspections for Auckland Council.

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