Hydro Excavation

Removing or moving soil and debris with pressurised water, and then transferring it to a debris tank.

Why use hydro excavation

  • Service location and pole excavation for utilities services
  • Roading maintenance
  • Subdivision builds
  • Industrial clean and debris removal
  • Other excavations for local authorities, construction and infrastructure companies where there are limits on traditional digging methods

We pride ourselves on our accurate and non-destructive processes

Our combination units can continuously suck and flush simultaneously for a more efficient cleaning process. Where most trucks flush approximately 70-120 litres per minute, our large capacity trucks flush between 230-410 litres per minute.

Our hydro units have high capacity vacuum pumps which range between 5, 6 and 8-inch suction hoses which speed up the Hydro Excavation process and result in less time on site.

For larger scale excavation projects we use our Water Recycling Unit, which can continuously flush and recycle at a rate of up to 410 litres per minute. 

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