Liquid Waste Management

We can help with suspected hazardous spills, septic tanks, disposal of trade waste, and grease traps for the commercial sector.


Our spill management team is available 24/7 with our quick response service to contain and manage any spills of contaminated or hazardous liquids and materials. With our fleet of vacuum units we can suck up and dispose safely of any spilled materials at approved disposal facilities.

If you come across any spill of suspicious liquids or materials, contact the pollution response team at your local council:

  • Auckland Council pollution response hotline: 09 377 3107
  • Whangarei/Northland Regional Council pollution response hotline: 0800 504 639
  • Waikato Regional Council's pollution response hotline: 0800 800 401
  • Bay of Plenty Regional Council pollution response hotline: 0800 884 883
  • Hamilton City Council: 07 838 6699


Septic systems usually need to be cleaned out every 2 to 3 years as part of their regular maintenance
and to prevent any health issues related to contaminated water.

A sign of too much debris or sediment in a septic tank might be a change in tap or shower
water pressure, unusual odors coming from vents or drains, drain or sewer blockages.

The Pipe Vision team can remove the debris and detect any other issues that may be causing
blockages or poor performance of a septic system, as well as perform the regular maintenance needed.


Any liquids or waste disposed of into the wastewater system by a business or as a result of commercial or industrial operations is consider trade waste, and must be disposed of in accordance with local council regulations and/or bylaws.

Pipe Vision works closely with Watercare and local councils to ensure there is compliance around trade waste so that our public wastewater systems are properly maintained.

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