Celebrating Our First Recycling Plant Milestones

22 March 2024

We celebrate World Water Day with an exciting milestone.

Last year, Vision Environmental proudly unveiled our Recycling Plant, providing Pipe Vision with a sustainable solution for uncontaminated Hydro Excavation waste.

Since the opening of our plant, we've successfully diverted over 100,000 tonnes of waste from landfills, marking a significant step towards a greener future.

Our Recycling Plant is not just about waste diversion—it's about reimagining resource management by sorting Hydro waste into sands and fines and giving back to the Construction and Civil industries with recycled materials, fostering a circular economy and closed-loop business solution. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond waste management.

Through the implementation of innovative technologies like our water bore, water recyclers, and AquaCycle, we've conserved an impressive 20,000,000 litres of non-potable water.

On this World Water Day, we're proud to celebrate our achievements and reaffirm our dedication to environmental stewardship.

How Our Recycling Plant Works