Vision Environmental build Recycling Plant

19 December 2023

Pipe Vision accumulate over 50,000 tonnes of Hydro and Air Excavation Waste each year.  With such a large amount of waste that had nowhere to go but Landfill, Vision Environmental was created as part of the groups commitment to the environment and invested in their own recycling plant.  The recycling plant screens and separates water, sand and fines and is then given back to the Civil, Construction and Roading Industries that it was removed from in an effort to promote a 360 degree environmental initiative.

The recycling plant has officially been up and running now since November 2022 and has been a source of sand and fines for many of Pipe Vision’s customers and interested parties.  The recycling plant is one of many innovations that have been implemented as a promise to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

In addition to this process, we have added an AquaCycle which recycles 90% of all water used to operate the recycling plant and which also separates the left-over sludge from the recycling process to further reduce the impact on the environment by reducing the waste going to landfill even further.  The AquaCycle will be up and running in January 2024 making what was already an innovative yard, one of the best in the industry.

Pipe Vision and Vision Environmental are very proud of their efforts in creating a circular environmental solution for Hydro Excavation waste, diverting tens of thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill and saving hundreds of thousands of liters of water wastage every week.